Rethinking Codex 6

Codex 6 of the Nag Hammadi Library that is. This codex contains eight writings: A poem, a few Gnostic texts, a Gnosticized fragment of Plato’s Republic which reads rather more like Catholic, and three ‘Hermetic’ writings inspired by Hermeticism likely but not part of the famous Corpus Hermetica. It is also a shame these texts were not Hermetically sealed by alchemists, another clue that they aren’t all that Gnostic in truth but rather a compilation book of the dead for a dying monk obsessed with gathering ascension myths on the soul of various philosophical schools.

Keep in mind in the ancient world Christianity was never recognized as a religion but merely as a philosophy which meant it was not ancient. Platonism was just another philosophy but one with more antiquity than Christianity. Hermeticism was the same. The early Gnostics were definitely meeting the savior at Aeslepions outside the walls of Jerusalem and in the cities of Anatolia.

Codex 6 contains the ‘Concept of Our Great Power’ as it’s fourth work. This writing has one extremely bizarre passage (keep in mind the bizarre ordering of the ‘Gospel of Thomas’ and other writings, as these were being copied very fast and very selectively. Not one is an original), it reads, “Yet you are sleeping, dreaming dreams. Wake up and return, taste and eat the true food! Hand out the Word (Logos) and the water of life! (Zoe) Cease from the evil lusts and desires (the teachings of) the Anomeans, evil heresies that have no basis.”

So what the heck is an Anomean right?

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