Billy boy Donhue


  Beware the Gnosticizing antics of this closet homosexual and Christ hater, Bill Donahue. Not only does he describe Gnosticism incorrectly, he even teaches Gnostic doctrines such as a spiritual resurrection and the kingdom inside of you, etc. For proof of his homosexual glee one need only examine the following page which contains thumbnails for his videos. There are pictures of him having very gay body language.

He gets real New Agey when he admits to being a New Ager as well as admitting to loving Astrology which is a Jewish science. Science being the same word as Gnosis mind you.

Here is Bill adamantly raving about how much he despises Christianity, Christians, and their Christ.

Here is Bill explaining the spiritual resurrection as your spirit being a photon leaving your flesh.

Bill asking rhetorical questions about why 10% brain function (a myth not a scientific fact) was changed to the old testament 10% tithe. I hope you know that the answer is it was not and they knew of no 10% brain function because well, the Jews did NOT believe the brain controlled the body.

Bill admitting his God is a prick.

He likes torn curtains which he can peer through and see young boys “drop their pants” and “run” around naked

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